5 Low Cost And Easy Ways To Remodel A Bathroom

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There's no getting around the fact that bathrooms simply don't age as gracefully as the other rooms in your home. And when it comes to refreshing your bathroom, you don't have to break the bank. Whether your bathroom is aged, dated, or both, these five tips are easy, low cost ways to get a great bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Vanity with Dark Stained Cabinets

1. Spice Up Your Vanity

Transform your bathroom in a single day by renovating your vanity. But, the renovation doesn't have to take long or cost an arm and a leg. Try restaining existing cabinets. High contrast vanities always add class. Combine a light wall with a dark stained cabinet or vice versa to achieve a hotel-quality place to powder your nose.

2. It's All in the Details

If you're looking for a quick, easy, and low cost way to remodel your bathroom, try adding an accent color through the addition of accessories. First, identify the main color or colors of the bathroom. Then, select a pop of color that will add visual interest to the space. Incorporate this color throughout the room. Try spicing up your space with colorful accents like towels. These linens, when used along with bath mats, are great ways to feature trendy colors and patterns to a seemingly outdated bathroom. The small details are a great way to have a bathroom remodel without breaking the bank.

.bathroom_shower curtain

3. Shower Curtain Switch-Up

Shower curtains often need replacing due to the moisture that accumulates in any bathroom. Instead of replacing your shower curtain with another store-bought one, try using fabric curtain panels instead. Fabrics from your local craft or fabric store come in a wider variety than packaged shower curtains. They also can be made with more luxurious fabrics, that will add an air of luxury to any bathroom remodel. Just don't forget to still use a clear plastic liner!

Bathroom Light Fixtures

4. Updating Light Fixtures

The only place those exposed light bulbs that frame a mirror belong is in a backstage dressing room. Just by changing the lighting, you can breathe new life into your bathroom remodel. A chandelier is a great addition to any room when trying to add a touch of class. But, chandeliers don't have to be expensive. Look to thrift stores for and affordable chandelier that will add character while brightening up your bathroom.

5. Mirror Remix

Framing a mirror can revamp any bathroom and doesn't have to cost a fortune. First, find a frame that you love. Then, purchase glass from your local hardware store that is sized to fit the frame. By placing a frame around the mirror, focus will be drawn to the mirror and, consequently, to the vanity it hangs above. You'll have a million dollar bathroom remodel without the million dollar price tag.

There you have it--five fast fixes for boring, or dated, or dysfunctional bathrooms that you can implement this weekend.

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