Additions and Basement Remodeling

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Home additions are a great way to increase your home's functionality and value. A carefully planned home addition is an affordable alternative to buying a larger home, and home remodeling projects don't need to break the bank. Here are some home addition and remodeling tips to keep your project on the right track.

  • Bedrooms: As your family grows, so too will your need for bedrooms in your home. Adding a master bedroom or child's room to your home is a great use of an addition. These added rooms often take advantage of unused space in outdoor side yards by building out the ground floor of the home in that direction.
  • Dormers: Building out a dormer from the second floor of your home is a perfect solution for a home that's become too small for your needs. In addition to widening the horizontal space of an upstairs room, dormers provide more vertical space in homes with peaked roofs. Dormer additions are excellent for expanding children's bedrooms or for creating a small office nook.
  • Porches: Adding an enclosed porch off of a family room or kitchen is another nice way to add living space to your home. Sun porches, with their many windows, let in light for relaxation and growing plants and allow you to enjoy the scenery of gardens or yards year round. They're also excellent spots for a breakfast nook or reading room.

Additions: Furniture and Design

As with many home remodeling projects, home additions often require the purchase of additional furniture. You may want to consider the following:

  • Bedroom sets: You'll likely need a new bedroom set if you're considering adding additional sleeping space.
  • Café tables and chairs: Home additions off the kitchen are friendly places to add dining space. You may furnish these spaces with café style table and chairs made of wood, wicker or wrought iron.
  • Gliders and swings: If you're building a new porch, you may want a glider or a new swinging chair. In an outdoor space, these pieces are great additions; furniture that’s casual and comfortable will make your new porch an inviting place for your family to congregate.

Basement Remodeling: A Homeowner's Overview

Basement remodeling can turn a drab and dark unfinished space into usable extra living space the whole family can enjoy. If you already have a finished basement, a basement remodel can add unique function and value to your home.

Unfinished Basement Remodel Ideas

When you remodel a basement that's unfinished, you may have a hard time making the space cozy and comfortable without blocking necessary access to pipes, wiring and appliances, such as the furnace, washer and dryer. The following projects can ensure your basement stays functional:

  • Build out walls: The pipes and wiring in many unfinished basements are left exposed so that they can be accessed if repairs are needed. If this is the case in your basement, you may want to build out a wall around these features. This hides the pipes, making for a brighter and cleaner-looking room, while still allowing access for repairs or maintenance. The build out will also serve as good insulation.
  • Drop ceilings: This type of ceiling, generally constructed of removable panels or tiles, hangs below the actual, structural ceiling of a room. Many homeowners prefer plaster ceilings to drop ceilings because they look cleaner. However, like build out walls, drop ceilings allow access to wiring and pipes.
  • New appliances: Older furnaces can take up a lot of room and are often unattractive. When you remodel a basement, installing a new furnace will not only give you more space; it will likely be more efficient,saving you money on energy costs. Purchasing a new sump pump with a reliable backup power supply could also save carpets and floors from damage should the power go out and flooding occur.

Finished Basement Remodeling Ideas

If you already have a finished basement, you have many choices when it comes to a basement remodel. Here are just a few:

  • Game rooms: if you're looking to remodel a basement, a game room is one option. If your basement is large and open, you likely have room for a pool table or ping-pong table. In addition, basements tend to be cool in the summer endwise some good basement remodeling workhouses in the winter, making them great places for a bar and big screen TV.
  • Home offices: if you want to work at home, but don't have a good spot for an office, basement remodeling may be the solution. You'll likely spend a lot of time in your home office, so consider painting the walls a bright color and investing in some good lighting.
  • Playrooms: the basement is a perfect, out-of-the way spot for a child's playroom. Consider keeping all toys and games downstairs, away from family living spaces. Your children can even help you design the playroom by choosing wall and carpet colors or by painting a mural.

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