Bathroom Remodel and Design

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Most home bathrooms are built around the purpose of utility and function, but this doesn't mean they can't be well-designed and beautiful. If you want to remodel a bathroom in your home, consider your style and budget. Bathroom remodeling ideas can be as simple as changing the knobs on cabinets, or they can involve a total overhaul of fixtures and a redesign.

Remodeling a Bathroom: Ideas for Homeowners

Consider the following components as you review your bathroom remodeling ideas:

Floors and tiling:

As you remodel a bathroom, custom tiles can lend your own personality to the room. Tiles come in hundreds of different patterns and colors and can be cut into unique arrangements. You could even have a tile mosaic installed over the bath. Consider floors, as well. Tile floors are sleek and elegant, while linoleum is easy to care for and available in a huge variety of styles.


Lighting is a crucial aspect to consider when you remodel a bathroom. You will probably want strong, direct light around the mirror, for example, but lighting that’s too bright can be harsh. You can install recessed lighting above the bath for extra light while bathing. Adding accent lighting behind molding or wall sconces can also add a welcoming glow to the room.

Shower enclosures:

One way to add space when you remodel a bathroom is to remove the tub and install a shower enclosure. Many modern shower enclosures are made of glass, and their open feel increases the sense of space in the room.

Tubs and sinks:

Your tub and bathroom sink are places to wash and groom, but they can also add style and luxury to the room. If you have the space, you can even put in a home steam sauna or whirlpool tub. Baths and sinks come in many more shapes and colors than the traditional oval and white, which can add a personalized flare to the room. Stylish chrome or brushed steel faucets and knobs are other innovative bathroom ideas.

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