Complete The Home Purchase with A REALTOR

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When searching for and purchasing a home through a REALTOR®, you can expect him to have the skills and tools necessary to deal with logistical difficulties. An experienced REALTOR® will have the tools to solve problems that might ruin a sale if you were doing it all yourself.

Under Contract: What Does It Mean?

If you are under contract, it means that you're almost at the end of your home-buying journey. You are under contract when the seller accepts the financial offer from you and your REALTOR® and you sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement. The transaction is not completed until you close. In order for a sale to be closed, inspections must be performed and financing must be arranged. Some markets call this stage "contract pending." A REALTOR® will handle all of the major contract and closing negotiations for you and will keep you in the loop until the keys are officially in your hands and your purchase is complete.

Closing: The Final Chapter

The closing process is the final step you will take when buying a home. It's the final transfer of money and keys.

If you plan on doing any renovations to your new home before moving in, make sure that you schedule a closing date a few months before you need to be out of your current living situation. If you plan to move on the same day that you close on your new house, try to make the closing happen early in the day.

You may also want to take at least a half day off from work to sign all of the paperwork on the day of the closing; leave room for things that could possibly go wrong. On average, a smooth closing should take approximately one hour.

If you know how to search online for a REALTOR®, you can find a knowledgeable partner for the home buying process. This relationship will truly pay off during the confusing and complicated process of closing on a home purchase.

Find a Realtor®

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