Concrete Counters for Kitchens

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Kitchen design has embraced concrete countertops. While concrete sounds like a humble material for custom kitchen counters, a carefully designed concrete counter is practical, eye-catching and attractive.

The Look of Concrete Countertops

Every concrete countertop is unique, as each piece is designed to fit the individual customer's needs. Pigments are added to the concrete to produce any color imaginable. It's not uncommon for people to choose pigments that match other kitchen design elements.

Shells, recycled glass, pieces of decorative pottery and even fossils can be embedded in concrete counters for homeowners looking for truly unique kitchen countertops. The tops of some concrete countertops are imprinted with leaves.

On a practical note, concrete counter molds can include spaces for butcher blocks, pastry slabs, sinks and drain boards.

Kitchen Counters and Concrete

Concrete counters have some distinct advantages over other counter materials. Unlike granite and ceramic tile, concrete has no visible seams. Concrete countertops have no grout, which stains over time. Concrete also ages well, developing a warm patina over the years.

Concrete counters must be cured and sealed after pouring, a process that can take as long as ten days. Sealing is essential, as concrete is naturally porous. Without a proper seal, concrete kitchen counters are susceptible to staining.

Although concrete is highly resistant to heat, products used to seal or wax concrete counters are not. Heat can damage sealed concrete.

Caring for Concrete Kitchen Countertops

A concrete counter requires little maintenance. Applying a water-based liquid wax once every nine to 12 months is the only requirement.

The Cost of Concrete Countertops

Replacing cabinets is always tempting during bathroom or kitchen design, but can become extremely expensive. If your cabinets are well-made, consider improving your storage options with pull-out drawers, lazy Susans and cabinet organizers. Older cabinets can be revitalized with paint or cabinet refinishing.

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