Concrete Floor Coating and Floor Paint

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Floor painting is a cheaper alternative to repainting flooring and can revitalize almost any floor surface. Old linoleum, tiles, badly stained wood and concrete can all see new life with the proper choice of floor coatings.

Floor Painting Versatility

Floor paint offers homeowners a freedom of expression that no other flooring matches. A paint store can match your floor paint to any color you want, so you can choose colors that truly complement artwork, furniture or other furnishings.

Floor paint allows you to express your creative side. Rather than a plain floor you can create checkerboards, swirls or floor murals. Even if you aren't confident in your artistic abilities, you can still add stencils and decorative finishes to floor paint. Best of all, if you mess up, you simply paint over your mistake and try again.

Types of Floor Paint

Floor coatings need to be chosen with care, as not all types of paint work for floor surfaces. The four floor coatings most often used include latex, epoxy, polyurethane and oil-based paints.

Latex-based floor coatings are easy to use, apply over most paints and clean up with water. Latex does, however, have curing periods as long as thirty days and is best suited for light traffic areas.

Polyurethane and oil-based floor paints boast more durability than latex. While they dry more slowly, both polyurethane and oil-based paints can be washed sooner than latex. Both types of paints, however, chip and crack easily.

Epoxy paints are often used as concrete floor coatings. Epoxy paint's ability to resist chemical and auto fluid damage makes it a popular choice for garage floor painting.

Concrete Floor Coatings

In addition to epoxy floor paint, concrete floor coatings can include stains that soak into the concrete. Stained concrete can absorb other spills, however, and is not recommended for garage floor painting.

Garage floor painting kits include a degreaser to clean the floor, a primer and a topcoat. Before painting, the floor must be carefully cleaned. If applying concrete floor coatings to outside surfaces or garages, consider power washing the floor.

A concrete urethane sealant can also be used for garage floor painting. Like epoxy, urethane sealants require a primer and topcoat.

No matter what floor coatings you choose, follow the manufacturer's advice for application and cleaning. If applying a coating over older floor paint you may need to apply a universal primer before painting.

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