Emergency Maids

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In some cases, disasters or certain circumstances can leave you with messes you are ill-equipped to handle. An emergency cleaning service or maid service can make your home clean and safe to inhabit quickly and easily.

Emergency Cleaning Services

Whether you're faced with a cleaning project that's beyond your ability to handle or you need your home cleaned by a certain deadline, a variety of situations might arise in which you need to hire a maid service. Contact an emergency cleaning service in the following situations:

  • Construction: If you have been doing remodeling or construction around your home and are overwhelmed with the cleaning involved, emergency cleaning services can clean up after construction and safely remove any dust and debris.
  • Fire: Cleanup after a fire, including smoke removal and charring, should be handled by an emergency cleaning service.
  • New tenant cleaning: Most rentals will ensure your new home is clean and sanitized before your arrival. If they don't, however, an emergency maid service can come to your new home on short notice and prepare for your move-in.
  • Short notice: If you need house cleaning on short notice; for example, if your regular maid service didn't show up or you're hosting a party and want your home perfectly clean in a short amount of time, you may need to pay for emergency cleaning services.
  • Water damage: Water damage can be extensive and may involve dealing with mold damage. An emergency cleaning service is equipped to tackle such problems.

Choosing Emergency Cleaning Services

When you're hiring an emergency cleaning service, consider the following factors:

  • Insurance: If your insurance company covers emergency cleaning services, choose a company that will bill your insurance company directly, rather than asking you for payment upfront.
  • Licensing: Choose a cleaning service that is fully insured and licensed.
  • Services: Make sure you know exactly what services are included in the quoted price. Check to see if they charge a fee to travel to your home as well, or if they will charge any removal fees.
  • Time to clean: You should also consider the amount of time it will take the service to clean the home or area. If you need your home spick-and-span by noon the next day and your cleaning service won't be able to start until 10 a.m., continue to shop around.

Checking customer reviews or the Better Business Bureau online is also an important step in choosing an emergency cleaning service.

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