Emergency Services If You're Locked Out

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Emergency Locksmiths

Unless you're good at picking locks or don't mind breaking a window, you'll probably need the emergency services of a locksmith when you're locked out of your home or car. The locksmith can come to you, unlock your door or trunk, make a duplicate copy of your keys and help you get back into your car or home.

Choosing Emergency Locksmiths

In an emergency, you want to get in your house or be on your way as soon as possible. However, choosing the first company you can find a number for often means you'll end up paying more than you need to for emergency services. Call several emergency locksmiths, and compare quotes before deciding on one; this will only take a few minutes and could potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

A few questions to ask the locksmith include:

  • How long will it take? When shopping around, don't forget to take time into consideration. One company may charge less, but may take considerably longer to arrive at the scene.
  • How much will my specific issue cost? Your price quote will be the most accurate if you can provide information such as the type of lock or door, as most emergency locksmiths will base their fees on these factors.
  • What is the minimum charge for a service call? Some companies will charge a trip fee to and from your location, in addition to charges for work performed. Make sure you know upfront what this fee will cost.
  • What other charges could I incur? Often, emergency services are priced by the job performed, not just picking your lock. For example, the locksmith may have separate charges to remove the door or lock, to make a set of keys, to open the door, etc.

Most people don't think about a locksmith until they actually need one, but it's helpful to have a specific company chosen before an emergency arises. This could end up saving you valuable time and money.

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