Exterior House Paint Colors

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Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing the right exterior house paint colors can improve your home's curb appeal and resale value. A poorly thought-out exterior painting job, however, can turn a home into an eyesore. Small wonder that people often agonize over exterior paint colors.

Exterior Painting and Neighborhoods

Consider choosing exterior paint that complements other homes in your neighborhood. Your exterior painting doesn't need to be an exact match to that of your neighbors, but colors that conflict with other houses on the block can negatively affect your curb appeal, not to mention annoy your neighbors.

If you live in an area that abides by a community charter or homeowners' association, your choices of exterior paint may be limited by the organization's rules. Be sure to check with your HOA before starting any exterior painting project.

Suggestions for Exterior House Paint Colors

As a general rule, neutral colors work best for exterior painting. Bold, brightly-colored walls often look garish. Bright exterior house paint works best as an accent color.

Be selective about which house features to accent with paint. You may wish to draw attention to attractive windows or architectural details with a bright accent, but bright accents on gutters and other unattractive features should be avoided.

Exterior house paint fades with ultraviolet light exposure, with some paint colors fading faster than others. Beiges and browns are most resistant to UV light and fade slowest.

If you live in an older historic home, you may wish to choose paint colors that match those used when the house was built. Local housing associations can help with choosing exterior paint for historic homes.

When choosing exterior paint, consider colors that complement the home's natural features. For instance, if you have a shingled cedar roof or natural stone walls, pick paint colors that bring out the beauty of the natural material.

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