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Reasons for Remodeling Home Windows

Replacing home windows brings multiple benefits. You can replace damaged old windows with heat efficient green house windows, which can improve the appearance of your home and add light to dark rooms.

Adding Green House Windows

Replacing old windows with green house windows reduces your home's environmental footprint while saving you money. Older home windows, especially single-paned windows, do a poor job of retaining heat. Even older, double-paned windows suffer in comparison with today's green house windows. Many utility companies offer rebates for replacing old windows with heat-efficient green house windows. You save money on installation costs and monthly utility bills while conserving limited fuel resources.

Old Windows and Maintenance Issues

Old home windows can be a source of never ending maintenance. Scraping old paint, applying new paint, caulking leaky seals and fixing damaged frames all cost time and money. Wood, the most common material used for old window frames, can warp, split or rot. Damaged window frames contribute to energy loss and leaking.

New home windows come in a range of low maintenance materials. Vinyl, fiberglass, PVC and aluminum/wood frames are durable and resist weathering better than aging wood. Today's wood frames are better treated than older materials, and often harvested from sustainable materials.

Safety, Convenience and Home Windows

As old windows age, the glass can crack or break, making the window a safety hazard, not to mention increasing heat loss through the damaged window. A cracked window can shatter unexpectedly, causing serious injury.

Warped frames make opening and closing windows difficult, especially during cold months when the window may freeze in position. Single-paned windows can have frost build up on the inner surface, causing water damage when the frost melts. Single-paned windows also get unpleasantly cold during winter months.

Window Aesthetics

New windows can revitalize the appearance of a house, often improving home value in the process. New windows may bring more light into a room, improving the interior as well as the exterior of your home.

Find a green window professional

Installing new energy-efficient green windows can save on home energy costs as well as enhance the look of your home. If you need a window professional to help you choose the right green windows and make sure they are installed properly, LendingTree Home Pros can help.

We maintain a directory of home service professionals and can match you with a green window professional in your area.All of our window installation professionals have been thoroughly screened and reviewed and are are backed by a $10,000 money-back guarantee!

Let Done Right! help you find a green window professional today.


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