Garage Door Types

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A number of different materials are available for garage doors. Prices vary depending on the size, type and material you choose for your door. Keep the following tips in mind when deciding which type of garage door is best for you.

Garage Doors: Material Options

Garage doors are made from various materials. Popular choices include aluminum, fiberglass, steel and wood. Each material has its own unique benefits. For example:

  • Aluminum is a good option for its strength and versatility. However, it is prone to getting dings and dents.
  • Fiberglass is a popular choice for its lightweight durability.
  • Steel creates the strongest, most durable garage doors. Prices are typically higher than other types of garage doors.
  • Wood garage doors often cost less than other types of garage doors, but they are easily damaged and require regular maintenance.

Automatic Garage Doors

Once you've determined the materials you want for your garage door, you'll have to choose between an automatic garage door and a manual roller door. Automatic garage doors are a convenient option, but they do cost more than manual roller doors.

If you decide on an automatic garage door, be sure to select a garage door opener that is compatible with your garage door and has enough power to lift the door safely.

Popular garage door styles include:

  • Retractable garage doors: These doors are a good choice for those who prefer automatic garage doors and who have the space to install these large doors.
  • Sectional garage doors: These doors come in sections that fit together horizontally. Sectional garage doors retract into the ceiling and are easy to install.
  • Canopy garage doors: These doors also install easily, but do not roll away into the ceiling. Instead, a portion of the door is left hanging outside the garage when it is open, resembling a canopy.

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