Garage Floors

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Traditional concrete garage floors are often hard on your feet, dirty and unattractive. Many of today's homeowners are looking for an alternative to standard garage floors. A number of options are available at every price point, and each type of flooring for the garage offers its own unique benefits.

Mat Flooring for Garage Spaces

A garage mat is a quick and inexpensive fix for ugly, dirty garage floors. Garage floor mats come in pre-cut sizes, and are intended to cover only a small portion of the garage. These mats are usually placed in high foot traffic areas to prevent tracking dirt or spills into the home. While not especially attractive, mats offer a practical and relatively cheap covering option for garage floors.

Tiles for Garage Floors

Tiles are a popular option for garage floors because they come in a variety of materials and colors, for a more customized look and user experience. Some popular tile choices include wood, plastic and rubber tiling. Wooden floor tiles come in several different types of wood and are held together with a plastic track for easy installation. They are a very durable and attractive option for garage floors.

Plastic tiles come in a wide array of colors and textures, offering endless possibilities for a customized look. Plastic tiles are also waterproof and install easily with interlocking pieces. Rubber tiles are another ideal type of flooring for garage spaces as they are nearly indestructible.

Garage Floor Coating

Though it is the most expensive option, garage floor coating can greatly increase your home’s value. Garage floor coating involves an epoxy or other hardening agent that is applied to your entire concrete garage floor surface. Many color choices are available, and the finish will protect your concrete floors for a long time to come. Garage floor coating is a very popular home improvement option.

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