Garage Storage Solutions And Garage Space

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Car Garages

Car garages are a popular amenity for many homebuyers. Garage space offers a place to park the car, additional storage space and a workshop area. Though a garage does provide more room, this space isn’t always used as efficiently as it could be. Those looking to build a garage will want to capitalize on the available space with careful planning. Consider the following tips when looking for garage storage solutions.

Simple Garage Storage Solutions

Boxes or bins with casters (wheels) on the bottom make great storage items and are easy to retrieve when you’re in the middle of a project. They can also be conveniently rearranged. Cabinets are great for concealing items and making your garage space look neater. While they are often more expensive than shelves, you may be able to find used kitchen cabinets that can substitute for brand new storage units.

Maximizing Garage Space

In many car garages, garage space--such as walls, ceilings and doors--just isn’t used efficiently. Luckily, you can find garage storage solutions everywhere. Be creative; sometimes you have to think outside the box when tackling your garage space. For example, suspended shelving is ideal for small, lightweight items. The ceiling can also be a good place for hiding your ladder when you're not using it. All kinds of items, large and small, can hang from walls. For example, did you know you can buy a bracket to keep your wheelbarrow off the ground?

Things to Consider Before You Build a Garage

Deciding to build a garage, rather than going with an existing or pre-fabricated building, can allow you to customize your garage space, which opens up a variety of garage storage solutions to you. You may want to build your garage 13 feet or higher so you can add a loft area for storage and still have adequate room to park your vehicles. Building or remodeling your own garage also allows you to go bigger. Standard car garages are often a tight squeeze for large vehicles. Making your garage space bigger enables you to install custom garage and entry doors to accommodate all sorts of projects and equipment in your garage space.

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