Gutter Repairs

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Wear and tear on gutters makes roof gutter repairs inevitable for most homeowners. Attending to small gutter repairs prevents damage from escalating into larger problems. A damaged gutter can cause water to seep under the roof or pool at the base of the house, leading to foundation damage.

Regular roof gutter maintenance will detect most gutter damage before the problem becomes serious. Here are some simple gutter repair tips.

Small Hole Gutter Repairs

If you need to fix a small hole in a gutter, here's how to proceed:

  1. Remove any dirt, leaves and debris from around the hole.
  2. Clean the hole with a wire brush and wash the surrounding area.
  3. Let the hole dry and sand away any remaining particles.
  4. Apply roofing cement to the hole.
  5. Smooth the cement over the hole and in an area at least three inches around the hole.

Roof Gutter Repairs and Large Holes

Roof gutter repair jobs for large holes are essentially the same as for small holes, but require the use of a section of sheet metal or "flashing." Gutter repairs for large holes cannot use roofing cement alone, as the cement will eventually fall through the hole.

Clean the hole as you would for a smaller hole. Once you apply the roofing cement place a section of sheet metal over the hole and cement, pressing down to fix the flashing in place. Smooth roofing cement over the sheet metal.

Roof Gutter Repair Precautions

Keep the following tips in mind before you begin your gutter repair project:

  • Know when to call the pros. Some roof gutter repairs are too extensive or complicated to be safely completed by homeowners.
  • Remember that ladders can damage gutters. Use a ladder stabilizer if possible. If not, place a section of 2 by 4 inside the gutter to protect the gutter. Rest the ladder against this section.
  • Paying a repairman is always cheaper (and less painful) than falling off a ladder. Use caution at all times.

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