Home Renovation Ideas For Older Houses

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Renovating Older Homes

Renovating older homes is not a task for every homeowner. Some people love the challenge of finding the perfect antique molding for their living room or refinishing wood trim with old hand tools. Others find themselves overwhelmed by old home renovation. The challenges of renovating older homes are many, but so are the rewards.

Home Renovation Ideas and Historical Accuracy

Owners of homes with historic value often need to clear home renovation ideas with the local historic building commission. This is especially true of renovations that alter the exterior appearance of the building.

The local historic commission can be a thorn in the side of homeowners if the commission objects to home renovation ideas. On a more positive note, a homeowner interested in restoring an old home can find valuable assistance and information from the building commission.

Older Home Renovation Problems

Older home renovations can reveal wonderful surprises, such as an original hardwood floor hidden beneath old, cracked linoleum. Renovating older homes can also uncover less welcome conditions, such as damaged walls hidden behind wallpaper or renovations by previous owners that are not up-to-code. Such discoveries can greatly increase home renovation costs.

When renovating older homes, be alert for the following potential problems:

  • Asbestos in insulation, flooring or home siding
  • Electric wiring that needs updating or replacing
  • Foundation damage
  • Lead in the plumbing system
  • Lead paint
  • Outdated heating systems.

Discussing possible hidden problems with contractors before renovations begin helps prepare you psychologically and financially for unpleasant surprises.

Home Renovation Ideas

Renovating older homes can provide stunning results if homeowners respect the home's time period and architecture. Renovations that retain the original character of the home often have the best results.The warm patina of an old wood floor is well worth restoration, for instance. Hunt antique stores for light fixtures, taps and artwork that match the home's time period.

When you can't renovate with original material, choose paint, plaster and other materials that match period materials as closely as possible in appearance and texture. At the same time, be flexible. Older home renovations should capture the original character of the home, while mirroring your own tastes and personality.

Contractors who have experience renovating older homes will be able to provide you with suggestions and home renovation ideas you may not have considered.

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