How to Work With Landscape Contractors

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When working with landscape contractors, you'll have the most satisfaction with your finished project if you know what to expect from your landscaper beforehand, including when the project will be completed.

Choosing a Landscape Contractor

Before you sign a contract with a landscaper, it's important to interview several landscape contractors. In addition to asking for pictures and examples of their work, be sure to discuss the following topics:


  • Contract: The contract should specify the work being done, timeframes in which the landscaper will complete the project and the total amount due. Make sure you go over your contract with your landscape contractor thoroughly, asking for clarification of any points you are unsure of or have questions about. Additionally, if your landscape contractor agrees to any additional work, make sure it's written into the contract.
  • Payment schedule: Each landscaper has a different way of handling payments. She may want a deposit in the beginning and the payment in full upon completion of the project, or she may bill you throughout the project in equal payments. Some landscape contractors may ask for the remainder of the payment before the work is actually complete. However, you should always wait to ensure the project is completed to your satisfaction before final payment is rendered.
  • Timeframes: One of the most common complaints homeowners have about their landscape contractors is that the work is not completed within a realistic time frame. Once you and your landscaper agree to a timeframe, you may consider adding a clause in your contract in which the landscaper agrees to pay a specified amount of money for each day the project goes over the agreed-upon timeframe.

Your landscaping job is a big investment, and you want to consider it money well-spent. These tips will help you know what to expect as you enter into a working relationship with your landscape contractor.

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