Installing A Home Security System

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Installing a Home Security System

Once seen as a luxury, a security system is now considered by many people to be a must-have feature in the home. If you’re thinking about getting a security system installed, you’ve got a wide array of features to choose from, and many companies looking to sell you on them. Here are some quick tips for picking among them.

Security System Options

Door & Window Contacts, which detect when a window or door is opened, and Motion Sensors are among the most common components in home security systems. Many also have Glass Break Detectors, which listen for the sound pattern made by shattering glass, or Shock Sensors, which can detect the vibrations made by an intruder pounding on a window or door.

Most systems also include Carbon Monoxide & Fire Detectors, and some even include more sophisticated Environmental Sensors that can detect sudden increases or decreases in room temperature and the presence of standing water, as in a flood.

You might also want to consider a Panic Button or a Medical Alert system if your household includes a senior or someone with a chronic health condition.

You’ll also have to decide whether you want to pay a monthly fee for Central System Monitoring, so your monitoring company will notify the police or fire department in the event of an alarm.

Choosing a Security System Provider

While security systems are designed to improve your peace-of-mind, unfortunately some consumer’s have fallen victim to door-to-door home alarm scams in recent years. The Federal Trade Commission offers some common-sense advice for security system shoppers:

  1. Look out for high-pressure sales people who make you a limited-time offer or try to get you to sign an expensive, long-term monitoring contract.
  2. Get written estimates from at least three companies, and ask lots of questions.
  3. Make sure you clearly understand the installation price, monitoring fee, contract period and your right to cancel the deal.
  4. Before you choose a provider, check references and contact your local Better Business Bureau and your state licensing agency to make sure they are in good standing.

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