Repair or Replace Broken Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans keep you comfortable year around by circulating the air around a room, balancing the temperature and keeping the air moving. They can help reduce energy use by bringing warm air down in the living area instead of allowing the heat to sit against the ceiling.

So what do you do when the fan, your summer evening best friend, doesn't respond when you flip the switch? Should you repair it or replace it?


The first question is can you fix it yourself, or do you need to call an electrician? If you're a talented DIY-er, you may not need the services of a handyman (or handywoman). There are several websites and repair manuals that walk you through the trouble-shooting process and basic repair. Start with your fan manufacturer's website. Take a look at the steps involved and decide if you want to attempt a repair.

The second thing to consider is what the ceiling fan cost. How much effort are you going to put into repairing a fan that costs $29.99 to replace? Electricians charge $40 to $100 an hour, so it wouldn't make sense to call one to trouble-shoot and repair a cheap fan when he or she could simply replace it in half an hour.


Select a fan that will move enough air to be effective without spawning tornados in the family room. The Energy Star website has some guidelines that are easy to follow. Prices range from $25 to $2,500 or more, so there is a style for every budget. Then either call an electrician or do the install yourself – as projects go, it's a fairly straightforward one. There's a good tutorial on

Before you simply attach a new fan to your old mount, make sure that the mount is still up to the task and can handle the weight of the new fan. You shouldn't need a permit as long as you don't modify the wiring, but check your local building codes to be sure.

Now pour yourself an ice tea, throw the switch, and relax in comfort.

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