Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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Completely replacing kitchen cabinets is an expensive proposition. If your old cabinets are structurally sound, you can give them new life with cabinet refacing. During cabinet refacing old kitchen cabinet doors are replaced with new ones and the cabinets are covered with a self-sticking veneer that matches the door design. Cabinet refacing is a moderately difficult DIY project that can revitalize a kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Instructions

Begin by removing the old kitchen cabinet doors. Wearing protective gloves, clean the cabinet with a grease remover. Scuff all areas where cabinet refacing will occur with 150 sandpaper.

Cut pieces of plywood panel to match the surface of the enclosed cabinet ends. Glue the plywood to the cabinet ends with carpenters' glue and secure with finishing nails. You'll need to sink the nail heads and fill in the holes with wood filler. Sand the ends of the plywood so they are flush with the front of the kitchen cabinets. The plywood is then covered with sections of cabinet refacing veneer.

To install veneer, measure all exposed sections of the cabinet. For each section, cut the veneer so it is one-half inch wider and 2 inches longer than the section of cabinet you're refacing. Use a straight edge and sharp utility knife to cut veneer.

Slowly peel back the backing of the veneer and attach to the cabinet. Go slow, as cabinet refacing veneer is difficult to remove if you misalign it. Once attached, press a wood block along the veneer to force out any air bubbles.

Trim the excess veneer slowly with a utility knife. A dull knife can leave jagged edges on kitchen cabinet veneer, so replace the blade often. In places where two sections of veneer overlap, carefully trim veneer with a razor knife.

Once all the veneer is attached, attach the new cabinet doors.

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is not overly difficult, but it does involve sharp knives and the potential for injury. If you are unsure of your ability to complete the project, hire a professional. Professional cabinet refacing is still cheaper than completely replacing cabinets.

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