Roofing Permits And Planning

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When developing a roof plan, check into roof planning regulations and roofing permits. Most homeowners' associations and some city and state governments have planning regulations. Knowing these before beginning your roof planning can save time and money.

Roof Planning and Permits

In addition to roofing types and materials, you must consider the building rules and planning regulations in your area before beginning your roofing project. Learn about the specifics of roof planning, including roofing permits and planning regulations.

Do I Need Roofing Permits and a Roof Plan?

Most jurisdictions require you to get roofing permits before beginning a commercial or residential re-roofing project. Homeowners' associations (HOAs) may also require applications and a roof plan for you to do any work on your roof. More often than not, if you are going to make changes, an HOA will require a permit. Without these roofing permits, your work might not be legal and you could be subject to significant fines.

Many HOAs, counties, cities and states set up stringent permit laws to ensure that appropriate roofs are fitted to homes to suit the home structure and the weather conditions of the area.

Roof Planning Regulations

Because roofing permits have become an integral part of roofing regulations on a neighborhood to state level, it's important to research roof planning regulations before starting your roofing project.

Local roofing contractors are a good resource to learn area regulations. Local city, county and state websites also post information about building regulations and roofing permits. If you are part of an HOA, you can reference building planning information in the "Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions" section of your contract.

New residential and commercial construction will always include a new roof permit and inspection. Although most jurisdictions require homeowners (or their contractors) to obtain roofing permits prior to beginning any type of re-roofing project, some only require permits for re-roofing repairs that encompass more than 100 square feet or over 25 percent of the entire roof. Municipalities also often have several other specific re-roofing requirements, such as placement of roof flashing and type of underlayment; check with your local building department for details.

Knowing what is required by your local entities will save you time and money in the future.

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