Seamless, Aluminum And Copper Gutters

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Rain gutters come in many different materials. Copper gutters are beautiful but expensive. Aluminum gutters are readily available and come in many colors, while steel gutters are strong and durable.

Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are the most common rain gutters in North America. Lightweight, easy to install and highly resistant to rust, sectioned aluminum gutters can be installed by homeowners or professionals.

Aluminum gutters are susceptible to damage. Even resting a ladder against aluminum rain gutters can deform the metal. Sections of aluminum gutters are joined with rivets and caulk. Caulking erodes over time and requires periodic reapplication.

Sectioned or Seamless Gutters?

Sectioned rain gutters must be soldered or riveted together. Any section where two pieces of gutter meet is a potential source for leaks. Seamless gutters minimize this problem.

Seamless gutters require a roll-forming machine, which shapes aluminum sheets into rain gutters. The seamless gutters are rolled out at the correct length, cut and installed.

Seamless gutters, despite their name, are not completely seamless. Gutters still require rivets and caulking at corners, ends of gutter runs and downspout holes.

Steel Types of Gutters

Steel rain gutters have twice the strength of aluminum, and a lower expansion-contraction range when exposed to temperature extremes. Steel rain gutters are a durable alternative to aluminum.

The range of colors seen in steel gutters is limited, and steel is more expensive than aluminum. Heavier than aluminum, steel rain gutters are more difficult to install and must be installed in sections.

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are strong, durable and beautiful. Over time, copper gutters build up a protective blue-green or brown patina that protects gutters against the environment.

Copper gutters are expensive and most often seen on upscale homes or houses with historic value. Up to four times as costly as aluminum gutters, copper gutters require professional installation.

Vinyl Types of Gutters

Vinyl rain gutters are cheaper than other types of gutters, but come with some serious disadvantages. While flexible and rust-free, vinyl gutters are easily damaged and quickly crack in hot climates. Because vinyl is one of the weakest types of gutters, heavy rain or snowfall can cause gutters to bend or bow.

In a temperate, mild climate vinyl rain gutters have their place. Vinyl gutters are cheap and easy-to-install, making the material popular with DIY enthusiasts.

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