Stump Removal And Tree Services

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Tree root removal techniques depend on the size of the tree stump and surrounding roots. While a small stump can be removed by hand, larger tree root removal is best left to a professional tree service.

Small Stump Removal

Small stump removal is possible with a shovel and either a root saw or sharpened landscape bar. If you choose to try tree root removal yourself, wear a pair of steel-toed shoes for protection, as the tools you'll be using are extremely sharp.

To remove a small stump:

  • Start stump removal by digging a trench around the stump. Allow for some space between the stump and your trench. Once the trench is dug, go around the stump cutting the roots with a root saw.
  • You can also cut roots with a sharpened landscape bar. Make small cuts at an angle so the landscape bar eventually goes under the stump. Be careful--a sharp landscape bar can cause serious injury.
  • Continue cutting the roots until the tree stump moves freely, at which point you can pull it out of the earth. If the stump has a few feet of tree trunk attached, use the trunk for leverage.

Remember that tree root removal isn't about removing every root. Roots buried in the ground will eventually decay on their own.

Tree Root Removal Options

Manual tree root removal isn't your only option. Homeowners can rent stump grinders, machines that use a flywheel of sharp carbine teeth to shred stumps. Once the grinder digs down far enough, the remaining stump can be covered with earth.

Bear in mind that a stump removal grinder is a dangerous machine, and that rental grinders may not be suited for large stump removal. A tree service can provide larger grinders for big projects.

Another tree root removal option is to simply let the roots and stump decay over time. To speed up the process you may want to use chemicals designed for stump removal. The chemicals are poured into holes drilled into the stump. Even with chemical assistance, however, a stump will take time to decay.

For really large-scale tree root removal, nothing beats a tree service with a backhoe. Of course, a backhoe can seriously damage lawns and surrounding landscaping, so it's best used before you plant the perfect garden.

Tree Removal Safety

Tree removal can be dangerous. The larger the tree, the greater the chance that tree removal can go horribly wrong. Large tree removal is a job best left to a professional tree service. A tree service has the experience and specialized tools needed for safe stump or tree removal.

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